• 03-05-2018

    The director is liable because of a rash transfer of management

    As an indirect director, you may be held liable for having “transferred” the company’s board to a ... Read more »

  • 23-02-2018

    AkzoNobel vs. Elliott (II): shareholders’ wishes vs. management authority

    After an unsuccessful application to the Amsterdam Enterprise Chamber , Elliott Advisors tried again, this time to ... Read more »

  • 13-02-2018

    Fugro vs. Boskalis: Enforcing a voting

    Shareholders and depositary receipt holders are entitled to put an item on the agenda. But are they ... Read more »

  • 10-01-2018

    AkzoNobel vs. Elliott: shareholders’ wishes vs. management authority

    A group of shareholders, including Elliott Advisors, was not satisfied that the Dutch AkzoNobel rejected the takeover ... Read more »

  • 14-12-2017

    The European privacy regulation; what will change?

    In the field of privacy regulation, the Personal Data Protection Act and the ... Read more »

  • 24-10-2017

    Update: The implementation of the UBO register in other EU countries

    24 October 2017 UBO register in the Netherlands In March 2017, in the context of the implementation ... Read more »