• 03-02-2016

    The interruption of the limitation period of a cause of action by means of a letter

    Nothing lasts forever: this also applies to causes of action. The possibility to convert an action into ... Read more »

  • 27-01-2016

    Missing supervision

    Who is entitled to appoint new supervisors? A foundation must always have a board. However, there ... Read more »

  • 03-07-2015

    The limited, including unlimited, and unexpected liability of a parent company

    Let us suppose that the customer of a company that is part of a (large) group of ... Read more »

  • 20-05-2015

    Simultaneous applicability of two sets of general terms and conditions

    General terms and conditions: everyone knows them, most companies use them, and they regularly bear the risks ... Read more »

  • 08-05-2015

    Liability of the actual policymaker

    Liability of the director regarding a shortfall of assets Under the provisions of section 248 subsection 1 ... Read more »