Mr J.M.J. Pennings (Jos)

Lawyer (Partner)

Working at Schaap since 1992


T: +31(0)10 277 03 11

F: +31(0)10 277 04 16

Practice Area(s)

Corporate law

  • Employment and Participation
  • Contracts, Liability and Damage
  • Insolvency and Corporate Recovery
  • Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation


Dutch law, Tilburg University, 1991
Heidelberg University (Germany)
Grotius Labour law


Dutch, English and German

Secondary activitie(s) / other details

Member of the Rotterdam Employment Lawyers Association [VRAA (Vereniging Rotterdamse Arbeidsrecht Advocaten)]
Member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association [VAAN (Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten van Nederland)]
Manager of E.E.S.V. PLG International Lawyers at Brussels
De Maas Legal Association [De Maas Juridisch Genootschap]