The Schaap working week

It may mean working under high pressure for a day and a half, but it could just be a quiet conversation: 5 lawyers and civil-law notaries talk about a day in their working week.

monday - ach so!

Went to Berlin again, to take part in roundtable talks on cross-border financing and securities. I always enjoy sharing knowledge and experience at this level with civil-law notaries and lawyers from other countries. It’s also a way to build international contacts. Their “Ach so!” as a reaction to my contribution was encouragingly appreciative. After two long days of theory, I’m looking forward to putting some new insights into practice!

Vincent van Werkhoven, candidate civil-law notary

tuesday - action!

I’m on my way back to the Netherlands, together with the director of one of the country’s major flower exporters. We’d heard about an opportunity to acquire an interesting company. Within 24 hours we were negotiating. And it wasn’t easy. There were seven big uncertainties that we just couldn’t overlook. By the next day, this had been reduced to three, for which we demanded and were given guarantees. Now there is a contract on the table. That’s great. Fast action is certainly motivating!

Xander Blokzijl, civil-law notary

wednesday - getting involved

“You’re behaving as if you have shares in our portfolio too,” someone said to me during the meeting. Apparently I raised my eyebrows, but others nodded and laughed. I can see how it seemed like that. Sometimes you get so involved in the work you’re doing for a client that you almost feel like a shareholder in their business. After all, you have to look at things in depth to come up with the best proposals that avoid all possible pitfalls.

Jos Pennings, lawyer

thursday - making a difference

A reputable German bank asked us for advice about a problem with a loan. Calling it in seemed to be their only option. But we saw alternatives. So we talked and they were open to our ideas. A good, though frank discussion with the borrower led to an alternative proposal with more security. Taking the opportunities and interests of both parties into account was what made the difference. Five years later, their business relationship is still ongoing.

Jan Wind, lawyer

friday - being honest

I never make things look better than they are. Clients deserve honest answers. Especially when the legal problem they’re facing is having a great impact on their business. But if you see possibilities, you must do whatever you can. “It went exactly as you predicted,” said my client, after a fight with shareholders. I took that as a compliment.

Michel T Schroots, lawyer