How is the identification carried out?

Part of the client screening for Wwft services is that we are obliged to identify the client, any representative and any UBO or pseudo-UBO. We then have to investigate and verify the given identity. The verification can also be done by another professional in consultation with the lawyer or civil-law notary.

Natural person

The identity of a natural person is verified on the basis of a valid and original identity document, such as a national passport, a Dutch identity card or a Dutch driving licence. In consultation with the lawyer or civil‑law notary, it can be verified whether another proof of identity can also be used. However, if the natural person has another nationality in addition to the Dutch nationality, this person is obliged to always identify himself or herself with a Dutch identity document in the Netherlands.

Dutch legal entity, company or branch

The identity of a Dutch legal entity, company or branch is verified on the basis of:

  • an online extract from the Chamber of Commerce that we have retrieved ourselves;
  • a digitally certified extract from the Chamber of Commerce; or
  • a deed or statement drawn up or issued by a lawyer, civil-law notary, candidate civil-law notary or a comparable, independent legal practitioner established in the Netherlands or in another European member state.

Foreign legal person or company

The identity of a foreign legal entity or company is verified – depending on the country and the risk – on the basis of, for example:

  • an extract from the foreign public commercial register;
  • a statement by a foreign lawyer or civil-law notary (or equivalent thereof); or
  • a partnership deed.